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Statistically, over a hundred million people play Texas Hold’em for fun and for money. Its rules are generally accepted all over the world, in official and unofficial games. Some differences may affect only minor points of the game, for example, the bet limit, the bank, etc. Any deviations from the rules are discussed in advance between the participants before the start of the game. Meanwhile, those, who play Texas Hold’em poker, use its classic rules.

Play Texas Hold’em according to its rules

Everything starts when every game participant gets two hole cards that cannot be shown to other players. Taking into account the cards received, the actions of opponents, their number, and position at the table, the gamers make decisions in the first auction, which begins immediately after the distribution of pocket cards. The bets go on until all the participants have equalized or there is only one gambler left in the game. In the 2nd case, the remaining player wins. In the 1st case, the trades end, and new ones begin, or the opponents reveal their cards, and the combinations are compared if this was the last trade in the distribution and the players put all their chips into the bank.

Those, who play Texas Hold’em, can use 5 community cards to make their hands, but this is done in stages:

  • Flop — opening common 3 cards after the end of the 1st trading;
  • Turn — opening the 4th community card when the second auction ends;
  • River — opening of the 5th community card after the end of the 3rd auction.

After it, the showdown and comparison of the combinations that the players have collected takes place. The showdown may not be carried out if there is only one participant left in the distribution and all the others have Fold.

The hands comparison

Hold’em is a competition of card combinations and bets. The player’s task is to get the pot and the best way to do it is to collect the hand that is better than the hands of other game participants. The Hold’em rules provide 10 different combinations that are shown on a special table. Royal Flush (10, A, J, Q, K of one suit) is always an unbeatable one and it cannot appear in the game twice. Moreover, this hand is collected so rarely that it might not appear during hundreds and even thousands of rounds. The rest combinations that can help a gambler win are:

  • Straight Flush;
  • 4 of a Kind;
  • Full House;
  • Flush;
  • Straight;
  • 3 of a Kind;
  • 2 Pair;
  • Pair;
  • The best card in the hand called a kicker by those, who play Texas Hold’em.

Kicker can also help a gamer win if the opponents have worse cards.

Playing Hold’em for free

Even guys, who gamble professionally, like to play free Texas Hold’em games; and if a person wants to find where and how to play them he can find dozens of variants. These can be video poker online casino slots, phone applications, social FB poker, and Flash games. The latter variants are initially free, but the number of chips (play money) is limited. In this case, each one can pay cash for buying extra chips or wait a bit until his virtual account is replenished again. It happens regularly — daily, every 3-4 hours, or even more frequently. Everything depends on the game type.

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