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We Are A Community – Come and join the fun

Alan here and I was going to tell you all about our bookings plus 4G community when I sat down to write this page but then we had a new member join and I thought that I would show you what our community is like instead.

Yesterday (17th of June) we had a new member join the Bookings plus community.

Her name is Naomi.

I asked her to introduce herself to the community.

She wrote the following post…


Naomi's post


As you can see 7 people plus one’d her post.

So far (in less than 24 hours) there are 20 responses. Owners from Spain, England, Ireland, Florida, California and Australia welcomed Naomi and they all started sharing, asking questions and discussing marketing ideas and having a bit of fun along the way.

This is what our community is all about.
It’s welcoming, it’s about sharing knowledge, it’s about asking questions¬†and it’s fun too.


Here’s how things developed…

Arkvilla's comment

Jenny's comment

Amy's comment

Naomi's response

My response

My comment on Naomi's website

Jenny's comment

Another comment from Jenny

Naomi says thanks

Jenny comments

Noelle welcomes Naomi

Sue says hello

Naomi says thanks

Rae says welcome from Austrailia

Naomi and Rae chat

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 19.34.19

Sue joins in

Naomi replies

They continue to chat

Helen says hello and welcome

Rae continues