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Today’s case study shows yet more amazing results for a rental owner that joined the Bookings Plus 4G course just 12 weeks ago.

As we said yesterday, Naomi Saunders has a rental property in the Cotswolds, one of England’s favourite holiday destinations. Although quite a small area, it’s hugely competitive regarding holiday properties with just under 1,900 rentals listed with holiday lettings alone.

Naomi joined our course in order to gain more site visitors, improve her search engine rankings, raise her exposure across the web, and gain more followers. She also wanted to produce great marketing material and adopt a guest centric model.

Here we look at her search engine rankings since she joined our course.

Prior to joining our course Naomi and Daisy Chain Cottage were nowhere to be found in the search engines.

Search engine rankings – Yahoo, Bing and Google

Let’s start with Yahoo.
As you can see if you search Cotswold family holiday Naomi is not only in first place, she’s also in 2nd and 3rd place too. How’s that for dominating the listing?

Naomi's property in Yahoo

I can already here the detractors out there saying “Ha, it’s only Yahoo, nobody uses Yahoo” – but 10% of all search is done in Yahoo – so how would you like to be in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for your search term for 10% of all searches?


Next we move on to Bing

Here we can see that Naomi’s property is in 1st place again. Closely followed in 3rd and 4th place too. Once again dominating the listing. 18 percent of people searching on the internet use Bing as their search engine so being all over their first page for your search term of choice is going to drive potential guests to your website.

Naomi's results in Bing

Adding Yahoo and Bing together equals 28% of the search market and Naomi is holding the top 3 to 4 positions across these platforms. No matter how you look at it, that couldn’t really get any better.


Now let’s look at Google

Naomi’s property is in a very impressive 4th place in Google’s listing results for the same search term.
That’s massive. That’s out of 4.6 million results.

Naomi's property in Google

Don’t forget that Google gets 67% of all search enquiries so being 4th in it’s listings brings you a lot of website visitors.

We have looked at the term cotswold family holiday for this article but Naomi’s property ranks top 10 for other search terms too.

The social marketing takeaway

Yahoo, Bing and Google account for 95% of all search and as you can clearly see Naomi’s holiday rental is all over these listings like a rash.
She is truely dominating her competition.
She has achieved these remarkable results since joining the Bookings Plus 4G marketing courses for vacation rental owners just 12 weeks ago.

At B+4G we have plenty of other owners showing similar results.


Alan Egan

No matter how you look at it, these results are just outstanding.
What’s equally amazing is that if you look at these results you will notice that Naomi’s property is listed above the likes of Homeaway, Tripadvisor, Holidaylettings and every other listings company out there.

Search has changed. The engines are looking for local experts and if you too position yourself as the “go to” expert in your area you can benefit from search results just like Naomi.

All Naomi has done is join Bookings Plus 4G, watched our videos and copied what we teach. Of course it involves some work, but look at these rewards.

Alan Egan talks search

 Do you want to dominate the search engines like Naomi?

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