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Case studies…

A short post today looking at two reviews that are the same but very different.

When you only advertise with the big listings sites you are constrained by their rules.

When you take control of your own destiny and use social media to supplement your marketing efforts you can step away from those constraining rules and reinvent new ways of selling what you sell.

Here’s the review as you see 99+% of reviews

 The view over the lake was priceless and had my 6 year old getting up early each morning to enjoy the sunrise.

I’ve never seen her sit so peacefully before.

It’s a nice enough review but that’s all it is.

It’s not really possible to make one text based review stand out from another.

Now let’s take things further

On the other hand….

If you come across this while browsing your smartphone or tablet I’m sure that you will agree it will have far more impact.


Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.24.23

Eight people even went out of their way to give this review a plus one (the Google Plus equivalent to a Face book like), you don’t get that with text reviews on the listings sites!


Here at Bookings plus we’re teaching vacation rental owners new ways to market their properties.

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  • Antonio Bortolotti

    Great tip, Alan! I’m extremely glad I had you as a great panelist on the Vacation Rental World Summit and I’m even happier to see how your students (and soon myself too, as one of them) can benefit from such a smart use of Social Media.