Hello I’m Naomi, I joined B+4G in June and since then I’ve doubled my site visitors.


Today’s case study shows yet more amazing results for a rental owner that joined the Bookings Plus 4G course just 12 weeks ago.

Naomi Saunders has a rental property in the Cotswolds, one of England’s favourite holiday destinations. Although quite a small area (only 25 miles x 90 miles) it’s hugely competitive regarding holiday properties with just under 1,900 rentals listed with holiday lettings alone.

Naomi joined our course in order to gain more site visitors, improve her search engine rankings, raise her exposure across the web, and gain more followers. She also wanted to produce great marketing material and adopt a guest centric model.

Here we look at her website visitor stats since she joined our course (just 3 months ago)

Site visitors

As you can see Naomi has doubled her web visitor numbers since starting our social media marketing course.


Alan Egan

Every vacation rental owner and manager in the world would love to double their website visitor numbers.

Naomi has done that in no time.

What strikes a cord more than anything else is that you can see a visible spike in visitor count straight after she started the course. That spike has continued.

Well done Naomi.

Alan Egan talking about site visitors

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