WordPress For Vacation Rental Owners




The Ultimate Guide To Using WordPress For Vacation Rental Owners

Course Overview

The de facto “how to” build your own property website using WordPress – The only WordPress course built specifically for vacation rental owners.

Comprising of 50 of our renowned “over the shoulder” screencast style videos, we cover everything WordPress so that you can produce your own stunning website that showcases both your property and the surrounding area.
We really do cover it all but we break it down into bite sized chunks so it’s easy to follow. Just copy what we do in the videos, one step at a time and before you know it you will not only have your own site but you will be in full control of the content and any revisions that you need to make as time goes on.

This course also enables you to import your social media marketing content produced via our SMM course automatically into your new wordpress website (this truely is cutting edge stuff, no one else is teaching this).


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