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How 6 Owners Are Benefiting From Showing Floorplans

Flooring Potential Guests With A Floor Plan (news from our B+4G owners community)

A few weeks ago we wrote a short post about Flipkey introducing interactive floorplans to their listings. As we said then, it’s about time that the big sites started pushing the boundries with what they offer on their sites and we say it again, well done Flipkey.

Anyway, a couple of my followers said that they too had been planning to add a floorplan to their website and could I recommend some software that they could use.

I had had a play with Room sketcher earlier in the year and written a short post about it so I pointed these owners in that direction.

Then the fun started

The following day one of these owners (Naomi) posted this plan to our private vacation rental owners community on Google Plus.

The first vacation rental floorplan

Lots of owners wrote in saying “nice job”, “Great work”‘ that sort of thing.

A couple of community members asked Naomi a few questions asking how she went about creating her floorplan, here’s her reply,

Some of you have been asking for more detail

The initial video I watched was  This gave me the info I needed to work from my measurements.  Having accurate measurements to work from is key!

Hope that helps!


This inspired some other owners and during the course of the week these plans were posted too.

Check out Amy’s plan below,

Cottage - 1. Floor - 3D Floor Plan

Here’s what Amy had to say about producing her plan

Since everyone is sharing their floor plans, here’s mine. It took me FOREVER!!! I’m temped to go back and make more changes! Thanks +Cotswolds self catering family holiday rental guide for motivating me to finally get this off my “To Do” list!

I should point out that Amy used the paid version of the software and that cost 49 dollars.

It didn’t stop there either,

the following day Nikki shared her 3D sketchplan,

Ampeli Villa Plans

Nikki also added…

Hope you don’t mind me using the same font as you +Cotswolds self catering family holiday rental guide

The furniture looks a bit more crowded than it does in reality – maybe I should reduce the sizes a little. Was wondering if I could tinker with the colours in a photo editor to make them more like the real thing.

 Then Antonio (from Vacation Rental World Summit fame) shared his plan,


He said “Here is my first Floorplan. It took me quite a number of hours to get to this, but in the end it’s well worth the time for the purpose it has.”

I (Alan) just love the detail in these plans – knives on the chopping board, the shower head casting a shadow

Antonio tells me that he used the paid service  (around €30) as he ran out of free credits but he is very happy with the result and is busy working on the plans of the other floors of his property.

There were more…

Then Joanna of Vacation Rentals, Orlando, Florida, near Disney submitted her plan and things were looking very professional indeed. We love the opaque overlay here on the property photo.

Vacation Rentals, Orlando, Florida, near Disney

Joanne used the fully paid service where Roomsketcher created the plan for her. This service cost $38 for this plan and $58 for plans for her 2 story property. We recon that’s a good price.


 Lastly Sarah, inspired by Joanna’s plans followed suit

Sarah got Roomsketcher to do all of the work. Here’s the floor plan sketch that they produced for her apartment.

Isla Canela floor plan

Sarah added They did it all for me. It took 24 hours with corrections and cost £23. I was happy as I can’t do it on my ipad and value to time ratio I think is very good!


Here’s the takeaway

The social marketing takeaway

Matt Landau of did some research regarding floorplans and he found that only 1 in 30 properties had included one.

So this is an area that is easy to get a jump on the crowd.

The thing is that the more informed your web visitors become the more likely they are to book. Floorplans project extra information so if you show them you can benefit from higher conversions. Win Win.

Judging by the above plans (and how little they cost) you can see why they help with conversions.

I should say that we have no affiliation with roomsketcher

They have lots of tutorial videos to get you started, here’s one

You can see more videos on their Youtube channel here

Show us yours




Are you showing a floor plan of your property?

Did this article inspire you to create one for your rental?

Are you using different software?

We would love to hear from you, please drop us a line using the comments section


  • Nick Marshall

    Great article about floor plans Alan.
    The comments about the time taken certainly suggest that paying for the service is well worth it, although the examples suggest that the same detail as shown in Antonio’s masterpiece is not part of the service.

    However, I would question the use of 3 dimensional floorplans. To my mind, they are a more complicated way of presenting key information.
    Some owners on our site have used 2 dimensional plans. I believe they are a better way to convey the information in a glance with less effort on the part of the viewer. I would argue that it is just much easier to see the pertinent details such as the layout and the dimensions (which Roomsketcher does not show) in a 2D image.
    The true details come from the photos of the property.
    Here is an example of a 2D plan from our website:

    This plan was done by a local draftsman and cost about A$180. Quite a bit more than Roomsketcher, certainly, but he did all the measurements too and spent time making adjustments that the owner wanted.

    • alanbook

      Hi Nick, Thanks for taking the time to get in touch. I think it just boils down to personal taste as to whether an owner opts for a 2D or 3D plan. The main thing is that it helps with conversions either way. Adding the size of the rooms is also a good way of imparting more information. Good tip. Thanks for sharing that.

      Kind regards Alan

  • Antonio Bortolotti

    Hey Alan!
    I just see this now 🙂 A few months after introducing the floor plan you see above – and adding two more for the other properties, which by the way look even better than the one I shared here – I can say that they are definitely a win-win.
    I do usability tests on my site and I could ‘view’ how my users navigate my site. I could see their mouse scrolling on the floorplan then moving to each room, clearly a sign that they were studying the property’s layout…
    I paired that with virtual tours 360 and boom! We get bookings.

    You can check out our other floor plans here if you want:

    • alanbook

      Hello Antonio,
      Thanks for dropping by. I love your floorplans, I’m blown away by the detail that they convey, the breakfast tray on the bed, the knives on the chopping board. Nice job, you really have nailed it and the time spent working on these is paying off with higher conversions for sure.

  • antonio

    It took quite some time to do those, but it is quite addictive first of all, quite some fun and in the end like you said, outsourcing can hardly produce the same results if you are keen to such detail and rendering.

  • antonio

    PS: To reinforce how addictive it is and what results you can achieve I want to share with you what I consider the best floor plan I’ve come up with so far in terms of detail and rendering that looks like the real thing (just have a look at the photos to compare).
    It’s one of the plans I drew for a client and fellow property owner, who’s website I just completely revamped: