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Another Holiday Rental Owners Website Goes Live

Vacation rental marketing guy Alan Egan      By Alan Egan

Another Holiday Rental Owners Website Goes Live


Congratulations to Sue and Frutos of CasaTagomago.com, they are the latest owners to go live with their new website after completing the bookingsplus4g.com WordPress for vacation rental owners course.

What a lovely site they have created.

Have a look around the site to see what’s possible these days. The course focuses on creating destination based sites because web savvy visitors want, and expect, to see more than just photos and descriptions of a property.

The site also integrates their social media posts into their Lecrin Valley Guide page. It does this automatically and these posts build into a mobile friendly destination guide that helps potential guests with booking decisions and fee paying guests with itinerary planning.

This functionality is unique to our course.

Nice job Sue and Frutos. Congratulations.



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