Meet Sarah Chambers,

Sarah Chambers

Sarah and her husband have a holiday rental apartment on Isla Canela in Andalucia, Spain.
They have had the apartment 9 years and have tried the usual channels of marketing.
30 days ago Sarah joined our Bookings Plus 4G social media marketing course.

This article looks at her progress to date and Sarah’s take on it so far.

First off we asked Sarah why she joined our course

Sarah Chambers

Last month i came to a cross roads. I had some money set aside for advertising. I wanted my advert on Homeaway to reach more potential customers and pondered upgrading even further from my gold package (dont ask) to the world wide option but it pained me to be so heavily relient on one company. Especially with the advertising fees increasing. I needed to stand out from everyone else.
There are a number of apartments listed on homeaway in my area and they are all trying to atrract the same customers. It seemed to me that the only option open to me on this platform was to put my hand in my purse and pay for a featured listing. I could reply quicker, provide the best information on enquiry but on that particular platform paying seemed the only option and I struggled with this as my fees are already high.

Then as I searched Google for listing reviews I came across the Bookings Plus 4G website. I could pay slightly less than upgrading my advert and take a different route.

One i would have greater control over. So I signed up.

Sarah Chambers

So that’s why Sarah joined B+4G, let’s see what she’s achieved in her first month

Don’t forget, this is just the first 30 days

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 14.44.08

As you can see as of today [2/11/2014] Sarah has gained 426 followers on her Google Plus page and that page, or parts of it, have been seen 107,876 times.

NB, if you don’t believe these numbers click here to see how many more followers and pageviews Sarah has now.

Now before we go any further how do your marketing efforts of the last month measure up with that?
426 followers gained and over 100,000 page views, all in 30 days. Come on, be honest.

What about search?

So to recap, Sarah has a holiday apartment that she rents and it’s located on Isla Canela, in Andalucia, Spain.

You may not of heard of Isla Canela but Sarah has a fair bit of local competition (838 other properties) as you can see from the screen grab from Airbnb, below.


So we searched the following terms and as you can see Sarah is all over the search engines like a rash.

[ws_table id=”3″]

Now there are a couple of things to bear in mind here, we spoke to Sarah about these results and she said that she was already doing quite well in search but things have taken a turn for the better since joining the course.

Next off some people will no doubt be shouting that it’s not New York, Orlando or central London and that’s true enough but you can only do your best for where your own property is located. You only ever need to do better than your competition and Sarah is doing better that all 800 odd of her competitors and you can’t fault that can you!


Sarah was so happy with this change in marketing direction that she signed up for our Integrated Social Media Marketing Course For Vacation Rental Owners  just two weeks after starting the first course. Talk about addicted.

This course expands an owners G+ social marketing strategy across Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and other platforms.
Following this integrated course increases your social media exposure.

At the end of her first month we asked her how she was getting on…

Here’s what she said,

Sarah Chambers

A month later and what have i discovered? Well, I feel relieved.
I can stand out by using so many tools that are free . Not only are they free but they are fun and bang up to date.

Social media! I had never used Google Plus, Twitter or Pinterest. I was addicted to Facebook but for personal interest only. Now I tweet, pin, plus and I shockingly get why people love them!

How does this help?

Well, my website now reflects me.
Its more alive and up to date which I am sure Google will love.
I have also added links to all my social media pages on my Homeaway advert and have added them below my signature on emails. So when customers enquire with several holiday home owners I know I will stand out from the crowd.

I am very happy I did not throw even more money at one rental portal.

I feel more in control and have learnt so much about other business in my area by using Google Plus which I am sure will help my customers to really discover the best in my area when on holidays.

Thanks Alan, you’re the guru ;-)♥+rentmoreweeks and B+4G

Sarah Chambers

 The Takeaway

When it comes to marketing it pays to hedge your bets. If you are relient on one or two of the large listings sites you expose yourself to becoming beholdent to their changes in rules and the yearly increases in fees.

Social marketing on the other hand frees you up from these “rules” and, better still, is free to use.

Sure enough Sarah bought our courses (a one off cost, no yearly fees) but this enabled her to jump straight in at the deep end and channel her time into creating great content as opposed to running into a steep learning curve and getting frustrated.

Now I’m also sure that some of you reading this are saying to yourselves “I haven’t got time to be marketing on social media”.
Sarah has 3 daughters who are all under 5 years old so if she can find the time to try this, what’s your excuse?

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