Selling Unrented Weeks – Part three

 Part three

The Hail Mary Pass


In the game of American football , when the losing team is running out of time and can take the lead with a single touchdown, they often throw what is known as a Hail Mary pass.

It’s typically a far pass way down the field. The odds of a receiver actually catching the ball are low. But why not take the chance at that point? Time is running out… say a prayer, throw the ball, and hope someone catches it!

The same thing happens in your vacation rental. Time runs out. And when it does, you will have nothing. Remember, time is your product and it’s 100% perishable.

So why not take a chance when time is running out?

Lower your price and make your rental even more attractive and likely to sell.

Remember, the pig needs to eat! 

In this 3rd and final segment, we’ll talk more about this and introduce you to, a website that you can use to help throw a Hail Mary pass of your own.

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    is this only for the usa?


    is this only for the usa?

    • alanbook

      Hello tooroxy,
      Unrents is US focused at the moment but there is a similar company operating in the UK called
      Hope that helps, please let us know if you need more help

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    This appears only to be for two areas Massachusetts and Ontario – will it ever cover Florida?