1 – Social Media Basics – Lesson 1- A numbers Game

Social media in 2014 and beyond…

What, when and why… Social media and your vacation rental marketing strategy.

 First let’s just look at some facts.

Here’s a very quick look at a few fascinating facts regarding social media and its current standing. We’ll look at a few of these facts after the video.


 Why social media?

Here’s 2 billion reasons to be on social media…

Here’s a short video that looks at some of the vast numbers of people involved across the various social media platforms.


Here are the latest active monthly user numbers by platform as composed by The social media hat.

As you can see these figures are exploding and even a relatively new platform like Vine, where you can upload 6 second videos, has 40 million active monthly users.
When you think that as holiday property owners we only have 52 weeks a year to sell all of these figures are enormous.



Now obviously not all of these people fit the demographic for a vacation rental guest but when you start looking at such huge numbers you only need a very small percentage uptake to fill your bookings calendar.


 The mobile market


mobile marketing


Pretty much everyone that you know has a mobile, in fact pretty much everyone you know has a smartphone and smartphone users interact with their phones up to 15 times an hour.
It doesn’t stop there.
When you take tablets and laptops into account there are 7 billion mobile devices on the planet (almost one per person). These numbers are ballooning. Here’s the crunch – 30% of all the time spent on mobiles is spent on social media. So, if you don’t have a social presence you can’t be found during this time.

This is a no brainer – if you have a social media strategy you have a MUCH higher chance of your property being found.


 As old as the hills

This social media thing is not as new fangled as you may imagine, in fact it’s as old as the pyramids themselves.


Even though that’s a lighthearted look at social media, it’s actually true as you can see in Tom Standage’s (digital editor at The Economist and editor-in-chief of its website, Economist.com) talk for TEDxOxbridge, where he takes us on a tour of the history of how news and ideas were spread and discussed — from the letters of Cicero to the coffee houses of Elizabethan England

Take notice here that this is how news and ideas are spread.
News and ideas, as opposed to vacation rental marketing snippets, which by their nature are pretty dull and don’t tend to spread.


The Vacation Rental Marketplace

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 15.23.18


It’s a lottery

Like it or not the vacation rental market is overcrowded, in fact it’s fast approaching saturation point.
There are over a million rental properties on the market at present.
It’s literally a million to one shot that guests, find or, rent your property.

Worse still – This figure is due to double in the next 6 years.

However you look at it bookings are getting harder and harder to come by and the situation is going to get worse.

With these huge figures in mind we move on to lesson two.