What drives us…

The ONLY way to succeed in the vacation rental business is to stand out from the crowd.

Bookingsplus4g.com and Rentmoreweeks.com are ahead of the curve holiday rental marketing companies giving cutting edge advice to rental owners, managers and industry experts.

The drive behind these business’s is our insatiable thirst to stand out from the crowd. The Bookings Plus 4G courses do just that, they empower owners to become conspicuous in an overcrowded marketplace.

Who are we?

Alan Egan

Hello, Alan here, I’ve been in the holiday rental business for around 10 years. I started a small listings company in Algarve, southern Portugal back in 2003−4 and spent many a long day marketing the properties and the site. I specialised in search engine optimisation, web copy, content marketing and holiday rental photography. I started teaching various vacation rental marketing techniques through my Rent More Weeks website and associated guides in 2010.

My wife, Lisbeth and I spend our time between our rental in Portugal, our farm in Denmark and cruising on our lovely yacht “Life O’ Reilly “. We are currently on the farm and you can see more about that by visiting the website that Lisbeth created after completing our Wordpress For Vacation Rental Owners Course – Holidays on Bornholm.com

Alan Egan

Social Media is the new word of mouth…

The best form of advertising is, always has been and always will be, word-of-mouth.  As over 2 billion people are using social media on a daily basis it would be crazy not to have a social media marketing strategy.

Strategy is the key here, we spent over a year defining and redefining what to market, how to market and integration across all of the major platforms. The B+4G system takes the S and M out of social media.

Spend 5 to 15 minutes a day using our strategy and you will be leaving over 7,000 digital footprints a year, all of which lead back to your property.

Why social media?

There’s no time like the present…

Even though both vacation rental marketing and social media have been around for some time it is only in the last year or so that it has become possible to combine the two for the benefit of owners and guests alike. Bookingsplus4G is that combination.

Due to the evolution of technologies and a combination of certain tools we are now able to market what we have to offer to potential clients and paying guests in a completely new way. The B+4G system turns conventional “list it and they will come” marketing on it’s head. By embarking on a guest centric model (as opposed to owner orientated listings)

Early adopters will benefit by heading up more social trust and digital footprints than the following pack.

no time like the present

About B+4G

B+4G is an online learning centre for vacation rental owners. The university of bookings.

We’ve taken owner orientated marketing and turned it on it’s head to create guest centric materials that not only lead to bookings but gain a following as well. We offer easy to follow screencast video courses that take the pain away from marketing and learning.

What are the 4 G’s?

  • 4 – Getting bookings
  • 4 – Guests
  • 4 – Google
  • 4 – Gaining a following

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