The facts behind B+4G

At Bookings Plus we teach vacation rental owners a brand new way of marketing what they have to offer.

Here we look at some of our course members statistics to date.

Some of these results are quite amazing and we are very proud of their achievements – Well done to you all.

 The Facts (Updated)

Here are some statistics for 10 of the owners on the Bookings Plus 4G social media marketing courses.
This first table shows various figures as of the last week of January 2015.

[ws_table id=”10″]

It’s about 5 months since we first published these figures (see below) and in that time these 10 owners have gained another whopping 9,807 followers between them.
What comparable marketing did you do in the last 18 weeks? How many followers did you gain during that time?

Better still these same 10 owners had a staggering 8.8 million page views between them during the last 5 months.
That’s just massive exposure no matter how you look at it.
It’s also worth bearing in mind that these numbers are only for their Google Plus campaigns. They are also present on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
In short, they are crushing it.

The real key to this data is the search ranking. We were, quite frankly, astounded with the original statistics where 9 out of ten owners saw marked increases in their Google ranking. These latest stats show yet a further increase in ranking virtually across the board.
9 out of these 10 owners now rank on the first page of Google for the search terms they chose.

The majority of owners on our social media marketing courses have seen an increase in bookings.


The following table was published around 5 months prior to the above table and serves to show the “then and now differences” in followers, pageviews and ranking.


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These ten owners average nearly 2,000 followers each after around 27 weeks on the courses.

After that time their pages and posts have been viewed a quarter of a million times on average on Google and Google + alone.

Owners on our integrated social media course are also publishing on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and in some cases Linkedin and Tumblr but these figures / followers / pageviews / etc. are not included in the above data.

More Facts

melbourne_luxury_apartment_-_Google_Search_and_rentmoreweeks_-_Google_cotswold_family_holiday_-_Google_Search (2)

Helen ranks for the search terms Melbourne Luxury Apartment (3rd in search out of 77 million results) and Melbourne Luxury Holiday (4th in search out of 109 million results) in a city with a population of over 4 million. If you search Melbourne Luxury Holiday Apartment Helen’s site is above Homeaway and Tripadvisor.

Helen had 10 organic Google bookings in one day (see below). These are just incredible results!

Amy ranks 4 times in Google’s top 20. These results are for her website, her G+ page, a youtube video and her Pinterest page. How’s that for great exposure?

Rae has two properties, each with it’s own website. These two sites rank 6th and 11th in the SERPs. That’s very impressive.

Lisbeth has over 4,500 followers and her Pinterest page and G+ page rank 14th and 16th in Google. She doesn’t even have her own property website.

Naomi achieved top 10 Google ranking (3rd) for the term Cotswold Family Holiday in just 10 weeks.

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Here’s what some of these owners say…


I have really enjoyed being on this course and it has enabled me to dive into social media in a completely new way with so many more ideas of what to post about and how to go about it. It has been great to have someone leading me along every step of the way. Alan is really hands on and always willing to answer questions. Being part of a community of other people on the course is a great support. Today my google+ postings have been viewed over 500,000 times…that’s in 10 weeks. Many thanks Alan!

Naomi’s View
Nikki Porter

I started Alan’s course very recently – have been posting on my villa page for 2 weeks and already it has had 33,557 views – amazing! Can highly recommend the course. The videos make everything crystal clear, plus Alan is very helpful if you have any queries. The course takes things in easy steps building up your skills, knowledge and experience. Would class myself as computer savvy, but very much a novice with social media until I took the course.

Amy Blomquist

The course has been more than effective!
Since starting the course in April I’ve received 28 new bookings and possibly a 29th. So, in 5 months time (April – Sept) 28 new bookings. Out of the 28, 10 of those were directly from my website.
In the last 2 months (July & August) I received 13 bookings as opposed to last year’s July & August which I received only 6 booking during those 2 months. I’m also not including all the inquires as a great deal of those we’re booked already!
Also, remember I’m in a rural area so this might not seem like huge numbers to some but it is for me. This is all within 5 months time! So, yes I would say the course is working.

Amy Blomquist’s View

You will learn lots and watch your business grow!

B+G4 system really works, one day I had 10 bookings coming from what we are doing.

Thanks to+alanegan’s leadership –  Small steps and day by day it will happen.

Helen Dawson’s View


Any owners wishing to know more about B+4G please feel free to drop me a line via the support page,

Regards  Alan